This project is a permanent crowdsourced audio stream dedicated to amplifying voices and sustaining the energy of a movement—a movement to acknowledge and dismantle systemic racism. Broadcasting global protests, this is a hybrid radio station, artistic effort and archive. It's a living, breathing LISTENING space that grows stronger with each additional submission.


People are coming together globally and using their voices to be heard. Being heard requires listening. Listening requires space. This stream is a dedicated space for listening, sharing, and amplifying BIPOC voices.

We believe documenting this movement through sound is a safer way to protect the identity of protestors. We also realize there are many circumstances that prevent people from being able to protest, especially during a global pandemic. We hope this project will allow those people to experience and immerse themselves in protests through the intimacy of sound.

It can be accessed + streamed from any mobile device or computer. It can be listened to individually, with others, or shared in public spaces.


We are a very small team of motivated people who want to contribute to this movement in a long term way! We are a grassroots non-profit initiative. We believe in providing a platform for the collective voice. We are not affiliated with any company, organization or institution.


Carly Peruccio
Francky Knapp
Izzy Kintz
Michael Genese
Georgina Hahn
Clare Wiley
Sarah Ginsburg
Ali Lemer
Rosie Julin
Jeff Soyk
Paige Mazurek

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